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"We have been using the Rayco Pallet Pro Automated Pallet Machine for over eight years and it still looks like new. The reason is the sturdy construction and quality-made parts built to handle the daily abuse of large volume orders. We have owned other nail machine in the past but sold them because of problems with the lines freezing in the winter and the long lead times for changeovers to different size pallets.

In order to be more competitive in today’s market place it is essential for any new pallet manufacturer to own a quality-built Rayco Pallet Pro; otherwise your labor costs will eat up your profit. In addition, they have a quality top-notch team that are always willing to help out and answer any of your questions." Dekalb, IL USA


"We purchased our Rayco Pallet Pro in 2005. Rayco was very helpful in getting us up and running and worked closely with us through the challenges of the startup of our first automated nailer. The people at Rayco are very easy to work with and provide great customer service. We like our Pro because it is easy to operate with one man, easy to maintain, and easy to troubleshoot. The Pro likes to be worked and it shows up to perform everyday. With a little help from the forklift driver we are able to produce a load of pallets everyday with one man. The Max guns and Rayco’s Hold Fast nails have always met or exceeded our expectations. We will be adding a second Pro this summer. " Stephenson, MI USA

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