Pallet Pro: High-Output Pallet Assembly Machine

pallet_pro_endviewHigh Return on Investment
A minimum initial investment coupled with low maintenance design and automatic functions enable the Pallet Pro to produce over 800 pallets on a single shift with only one operator.

Reliable Performance
Besides quality construction, the Rayco Pallet Pro features state of the art circuitry and controls to assure uninterrupted perfor­mance.

Fast Changeover for Short Runs
Conveniently located adjust­ments, modular drop in position fingers, and chain drive gears allow the operator to make change overs fast and easy with minimum down time.

Consistent, High-Quality Pallets
Pneumatic pushers move the deckboards into place a split sec­ond before the nailer fastens them to the stringer, ensuring that the pallet is square. Nail placement is easily adjustable for reliable, accurate nail patterns.

Minimal Downtime

The Pallet Pro requires very little maintenance, but, if necessary, the simple, open design for easy accessibility, convenient adjust­ments, and self diagonistic read­out on the operator panel, allow the operator to have the machine back in operation with minimum downtime.

Factory Support
From the time you purchase your Pallet Pro from Rayco ..... for as long as you own it, you can count on direct factory support from Rayco Industries engineers.

MAGfast logo_smMagnum Fasteners Quality Collated Nails
Consistent high quality, reliable, collated nails from Mid Continent Nail Corporation. Made in the U.S.A.

Fast, Reliable Nailing
The Magnum line of pneumatic nailers has proven itself in the pal­let industry for years. Their speed and reliability allow the Pallet Pro gantry to nail off the deckboards at a high speed "on the fly"; the gantry does not need to stop to drive the nails.

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Pallet Pro Features


  • Uses collated nails
  • Requires only one operator
  • Machine cycle time ranges from 20-30 seconds typically
  • Automatic Stringer Feed
  • Automatically flips partial pallet over to nail top
  • Automatically stacks pallets
  • Accurate, adjustable nail placement
  • Operator panel has self-diagnostic readout
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Quick changeover time
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Standard system includes 3 stringer nailing table, stacker, and 10' outfeed roll table
Machine Specs

Pallet Pro Machine Specs


  • Electrical Requirements: 230 VAC, 3-Phase, 30 amps (transformer required for non-standard voltages)
  • Air Requirements: 34 SCFM @ 120 PSI 1" NPT connection
    (2 pallets per minute, 3 stringer pallet)
  • 5 Horsepower
  • Stacker Height: 14'
  • System Weight: 12,000 lbs
  • Nail Size Range: 1¾" to 2¾"
  • Nail Capacity: 3000 count nail coils
  • Optional Equipment:
    Fourth Stringer Package
    Pallet lengths up to 72"
Pallet Specs

Pallet Specs

Pallet Size L24"xW24" L60"xW60"
Stringer Height 2 ½" 4 ½"
Stringer Width 1" 3 ½"
Deckboard Thickness 3/8" 1 1/8"

Pallet Pro Pricing



Pallet Pro Automatic Pallet Machine
includes nailing table, stacker and 10' outfeed roll table, photoelectric sensor nail placement, and 50% speed-up package; machine-wired 230v, 3-phase.
Non-Standard Voltage Option 750.00
Oversized Pallet Capabilities (per direction) 6,500.00/foot
Fourth Stringer Package 4,000.00
Spare Parts Package 1,500.00
Flush End Board Package 1,500.00
Additional 10' Outfeed Roll Table 2,100.00
Programmable Nail Placement 2,500.00
Stringer Hopper Quick Change (2nd & 3rd) 8,000.00
Stringer Hopper Quick Change (2nd & 3rd & 4th) 10,000.00

Terms:      40% down payment, 60% due prior to shipment (U.S. dollars only).
                  All prices are F.O.B. Richmond, Virginia (USA).
                  Pricing does not include any applicable state or local sales taxes.
                  Leasing options are available through third parties (see links at bottom of Home page).
Warranty:  90 Days - parts and labor.
                  Full Manufacturers Warranty on Commercial Items.
                  Warranty does not apply to misused, altered, neglected or abnormal conditions of
                     operation or handling.

Finance It

Finance the Pallet Pro your business needs.

Choose from a variety of monthly payment options for budget-conscious businesses seeking an affordable path to ownership.

  • Match cost-benefit of your new or used pallet equipment by spreading the expense over several years.
  • Preserve your cash and working capital.
  • Gain Tax Benefits.

When it comes to special programs and financing options, there are a number of ways to equip your business with new or used pallet equipment.  

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Pallet Pro Video

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